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Claim Your Business, Your Customers, Your Goodwill Without Depending on Marketplaces to Dictate their Terms Of Business

"Khurram fundamentally changed the direction of my business with his advice. He is a true visionary when it comes to the field of software.

If you want to know where the world is heading you need to listen to his advice. 

Founder & CEO,, London UK

Author of "Internetism - How to create wealth in the Internet economy."

Amir Anzur
Founder & CEO, London, UK

I know Khurram since last 18 years almost and through out all these years he was a kind an inspiration for me.

Actually we were class fellows when we were doing post graduation in Information. Technology but professionally he was a way ahead of me at that time.
Even my degree wasn’t completed and he brought me in my professional carrier, so I worked in his team for five years and I grew up professionally like a personal who can handle any type of client and business.

Development and communication skills I learnt while working with him has helped me a lot in my profession carrier, so I can say him he is really my professional mentor. 

Aamir Shahzad
Development Manager
Palm Labs LLC

I have known Khurram Shahzad for many years. His digital marketing advise has helped us grow seerab maps at a rapid pace. He is arguably the most knowledgeable person in digital marketing in Pakistan.


Farhat Bashir
Co-Founder SeerabMaps

Hello , and Welcome to
 Seekho Pakistan

I am Khurram Shahzad (Bobby Shahzad), CEO of marketing automation platform

I am a marketing technologist by profession whose products are used by thousands of marketers all over the world and I have helped thousands of businesses grow their sales from Nothing to Millions in matter of months.

 Now, I am on a mission to change the eCommerce industry of Pakistan and introduce the concept of Sales Funnel marketing in local industry. 

  • If you are Investor, I will help you find right businesses to invest in
  • If you are Ecommerce Merchant, I will help you correctly setup your Sales Funnel & Marketing Automation that will boost your sales figures . I will also introduce you to the concept of Affiliate marketing where you will be able to generate sales for your eCommerce products WITHOUT spending a dime on marketing budget
  • If you are a Freelancer, I will teach you how to create sales funnels, Facebook campaigns, Affiliate marketing campaigns and earn hundreds or thousands of more dollars from Freelance networks such as Fiverr and Upwork 
  • If you have non of above skills, then I will teach you how to earn without any skills. I will introduce you to concept of Affiliate Marketing and I will teach you how you can create income from just a mobile phone

See what Rehan Allahwala & Others say about Bobby Shahzad & Seekhopakistan

A Brief History Of My Work And Contribution to IT Industry from last 22 Years

Started working on my first computer back in 1999

Became youngest Java Certified Programmer in the age of 21 and soon after started my career as a Java Programmer. 







Hired first Team in 2005 to work on a US Marketing SaaS project and grew it to $1 Million in revenue in 3 years.

Started Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank and Earned Thousands of Dollars every month 



Launched on JVZoo affiliate network and got supported by 1200 bloggers, youtubers and influencers 

Creating Positive Impact From Decades

Our Core team of Sales Funnel ninjas who helped me build interfunnels and other SaaS products in digital marketing niche. 

A selfie from Pasha Awards 2019 with Friends from Pasha and other industry leaders. 

Being recognized as best Digital Marketing Product by Amir Anzur from WebPrenuer Academy. 

At Affiliate World Conference and Amazon Sellers held in Dec 2019 in Bangkok Thailand

At Unlimited Power Online 2011 Seminar Al-Ain UAE

With Rehan Allah Wala At Unlimited Power Online 2011 Seminar Al-Ain UAE

My E-Commerce Business Philosophy is Simple

My Ecommerce Philosophy gives you control and freedom. 
Your Business, Your Customers, Your Good will. 

  • I help you from the beginning to decide which Ecommerce Route you want to go by answer 3 simple questions 
  • If you want to launch your own store, I show you ways to build your own brand, and learn to catch fish yourself. 
  • I Teach you how to find your own BLUE OCEAN by profiting from MICRO NICHES 
  • I teach you how to build your own customers list and build relationship with them.
  • I teach you how to automate your marketing
  • If you choose AMAZON route, I teach you how to launch a PL under $5000 budget

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Pyramid of Wealth & Where You fit in

Blue Ocean Theory & MICRO NICHE explained

Meet Your Mentors


Ex President & Co Founder of Pakistan Agile Development Society

IT Industry veteran with more than 14 years of experience in Agile Web Development & Project Management. Founding member of Pakistan Agile Development Society.



A Gem of a person with many feathers in his hat. More than 14 Years of Experience in Media, Events, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce


Founder COWORK24

One of Youngest IT entrepreneur who started his software company in 2012, soon after he completed his education. With a dream to build largest Co-work Operation in Pakistan he is already going places with COWORK24

How Seekho Pakistan Can Help You With Your Ecommerce Business

  • Capture Customer Data As Data Is New Oil.
  • Get Thousand Of Affiliate Who Promote Your Product For Free Only For Commission
  • Build Relationship With Your Customers. 
  • Build Brand Not Just An Online Store.
  • Find Blue Ocean By Hunting Unique Un Tapped Niches.
  • Get Traffic Independence through email marketing and affiliate marketing.

Don't Wait, Join Seekho Pakistan FREE today and get First Movers Advantage

Dont just join SEEKHOPAKISTAN because you want to make money. Join us because you want to make history

  • Build an Ecommerce Business around your passion and make your hobby your business. 
  • Make less mistakes, by learning from those who made mistakes and learnt from them.  
  • Get on a faster bandwagon to success by choosing the right people to get guidance from .
  • Achieve fast results by adapting plug and play business models. 
  • Get ahead of competition, by using advance marketing and selling techniques. 

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